Monday, September 10, 2012

Photos + Wallpapers Jersey Uniform "Costume" Manchester United FC 2012 - 2013

Jersey Uniform "costume" Manchester United team in the season 2012-2013 are available with 3 variants :
  • (1) that is uniform to play at home "home" with the color red shirt.
  • (2) that is uniformly used for the away game on "away I" with black stripes line dress color - blue.
  • (3) that is uniformly used for away games "away II" colors plain white shirt and black pants.

And as for suppliers of costumes Manchester United team is NIKE, while the sponsor is written clearly on the front of the costume Manchester United team AON.

Jersey "costume" Manchester United team "Home" 2012-2013

Jersey "costume" Manchester United team "Away I" 2012-2013

Uniform "Jersey" Manchester United team "Away II" 2012-2013


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